Photographs by Jessmae
Unless stated otherwise.
My work/A visual diary.
LI/NYC. 21.
Anonymous asked: a beautiful lady such as yourself cant be single can she ?? ^.^

:) that I am! Probably going to stay that way for a long time too haha.

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Anonymous asked: You do amazing work. My cousin told me to look you up because I'm thinking about taking 50s pinup style pics.

Thank you! If you ever want to email me feel free.

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nervous-princess asked: do not be alarmed I think I am in love with you

<3_<3 right back at ya BABE

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Anonymous asked: Your photography is amazing! Keep up the fantastic work.

Thank you for the support! And I’ve been trying! 

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Anonymous asked: Do you edit your pictures on like photoshop or something after you take them.. or while like changing the hue and white balance? I have the same camera as you and the only filters i have seen are black and white and sometime Tuscan

I use Photoshop and Lightroom.

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Anonymous asked: How is it that all of your friends as so gorgeous?!!! Literally everyone in the pictures you take are so beautiful and frankly I don't think you guys are even real you are all just too attractive.

thank you!! that’s very nice of you :)

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